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Since opening our London office in July 2021, we have continued to go from strength to strength. We’ve added a third consultant to our London team, with a view to seeing further expansion in the near future. 

The consultants based in London are Peter J Wheeler, Jonas Lopez and Andy Warren, who have over a decade of experience in the field of noise, vibration, and acoustics industry between them. 

We have an office in central London and the team are also based remotely from central London, Surrey and Hertfordshire. With that in mind, we’re perfectly placed to help with projects throughout the London boroughs. We’re also ideally located to assist with projects across Kent, Sussex, Cambridgeshire, and Essex.Our current projects stretch from Brighton in the South-east all the way up to Norfolk. 

We can offer London based Acoustic Consultancy services for all things noise, acoustics, sound and vibration including but not limited to;  

  • Noise impact assessments for BS8233 and BS4142
  • Building acoustics advice
  • Section 61 assessments
  • Pre and post-completion sound testing (Approved Document E)
  • Event noise management and licensing
  • Expert witness representation
  • Noise, vibration, dust and tilt monitoring for BS5228

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Take a look at some of our current projects that the London office have been involved in below:

Guinness At Old Brewer’s Yard

In 2023, Guinness will open a £73Million micro-brewery and cultural hub in the Covent Garden area of London.

​The site is part of Old Brewers Yard, an 18th-century Brewery. The premises will be redeveloped to include: a microbrewery producing limited edition beers and offering tours with Guinness beer specialists; event spaces and central covered courtyard. There will also be  a Guinness store, an open-fire kitchen and restaurant, plus a 360 degrees glass rooftop space.

We were appointed by RKD to provide acoustic advice for this development from planning through to completion. We worked proactively with the design team, client and local authority throughout the process to ensure success at planning, and are currently progressing with the detailed design advice.

Guinness' London Microbrewery

Cornerstone & Shenstone School

The client brought us in to provide acoustic advice and post-completion testing for the proposed refurbishment and expansion of two special educational needs and disabilities schools located in very close proximity to each other in southeast London. 

The combined projects totalled four refurbished buildings and two new build teaching blocks, including a sports hall and an art block. Acoustic Consultants Ltd were able to provide advice based on Building Bulleting 93 for both internal acoustic performance and internal sound insulation performance for both the refurbishment and new build aspects of the project. In addition to this, we were able to assess all relevant proposed mechanical plant to ensure that the guidance outlined in British Standard 4142 could be met at all noise-sensitive properties. 

Construction and refurbishment are both well underway on site. On completion, our consultants will return to the site to undertake testing of relevant partitions to confirm that all installations achieve their design criteria.

Creekside 2, Depot

This project consists of a new multi-purpose development, including the redevelopment of a public house, new commercial units and multiple residential units.

We have conducted a noise and vibration survey to determine the noise-ambient around the development, including the noise and vibrations from the nearby DLR railway, as well as measurements of the current noise from the public house which hosts music events.

We have undertaken a noise ingress assessment, vibration assessment, established external plant noise limits, and construction noise and vibration limits.

The standards used have been: NPPF, NPSE, NPPG, local authority, BS8233, BS4142, Department of Transport and BS5228-1 and 2.

Planning is still pending but very likely to be approved. We have been further appointed for another development opposite Creekside 2,  which is to be named Creekside 3.

Bishops Stortford High School

The project is a new school development in Bishop Stortford (including SEN spaces) in which we have finished the RIBA Stage 4 Design. This includes a site noise survey, internal ambient noise levels, room acoustic specification, internal sound insulation specification, and a plant noise assessment.

This has been done with constant communication and collaboration with all the other disciplines including the Architect and M&E teams.

The standards used have been: NPPF, NPSE, NPPG, and mainly BB93.

The school is already in the construction phase which we will be supervising and on completion will undertake post-completion acoustic testing.

As a result of the good work, we have also been appointed for the design of another school in the same area called Avanti Grange Secondary School.

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