ANC Test Requirements

​The following are the test requirements. If the conditions are not met it may result in an abortive site visit or additional fees being applied.

    • A set of floor plans, separating wall/floor and flanking details is provided before the tests.
    • If we are appointed to provide advice on any failures this must be requested before we attend along with a full drawing pack provided. This may incur extra fees.
    • If the site tests are aborted due to client requests or site conditions, then additional fees will be charged as per our hourly rate (plus expenses) in our fee proposal.
    • We require access to all properties and with unoccupied spaces (no people or pets). This would require access to at least one other property above or below (for floor tests) and at least one other adjoining property (for wall tests).
    • The tests make a significant amount of noise; however, the testing will need to be carried out when there is no construction noise on site. Please note, if trades are creating noise on site, this may result in a lower number of tests being completed or tests taking longer than normal. If this is the case and extra visits or extra time becomes necessary to complete the tests, additional fees will apply at the rates noted in our fee proposal.
    • The testing is on the basis that all plots are ready during the tests, with quiet conditions outside and inside the plots to be tested. If a phased approach is required which would require additional visits, the fee will need to be adjusted accordingly.
    • The rooms to be tested need to be fully constructed with sealed fitted doors, sealed windows, skirting and without carpet or other floor finishes unless a Type 1 floor. (To comply with the ADE testing requirements, we are required to test on an un-carpeted floor. If this isn’t feasible you will require building control approval, prior to our site visit, confirming we can test directly on carpet. If this isn’t possible, we can still test but it will appear in the report as a non-compliant test). All service openings should have been made good. The rooms tested should ideally have a room volume of at least 25 metres cubed.
    • A stable power supply is required with safe, easy and secure access with adequate lighting (without trailing leads) into all rooms to be tested. Our fees are based on 240V being provided in the rooms being tested. If this is not the case and 110 Volts is to be used, the time to complete the tests will be longer and, as such, the fee will rise accordingly.
    • In multi-storey buildings where lifts are not operating, the time to complete tests will be longer than we have allowed for. As such, additional time will be required on site and additional fees will apply.
    • On site parking is to be provided by the client. Where parking is not provided, the time to complete tests will be longer than we have allowed for. As such, additional time will be required and additional fees will apply.

Time Scales

  • We aim to complete all site work within 2 weeks of a formal appointment, subject to access.
  • Upon completion of the site work, the results report will be issued once payment is received and in most cases the same day.
  • Where it is necessary to work to a shorter timescale, we aim to meet all reasonable requests.


The testing will be completed by one our ANC accredited consultants. All our consultants have a minimum of Technical Member of the Institute of Acoustics (TechIOA) and are ANC accredited testers.

Fee Requests and Bookings

Test dates and fee proposals can be requested by phone (0117 9862956) or email to

Terms of Business

Our terms of business are based on a contract and fee in accordance with the Association of Consulting Engineers Short Form Agreement 2015 for reports and advisory work. This is essentially on a time and expenses basis.

Almost all tests are completed on a Pro Forma Basis. For repeat customers we can complete the work under a contract, or Purchase Order from a company, or Official Appointment from a company by email or letter.

We reserve the right to request payment from customers before release of results