Local Authority Presentation

On the 3rd April we were invited to present at a work shop on noise and acoustics to Planning Officers, Building Control Officers, Project Managers and Surveyors of Southwark Council.

Places were limited to 50 people and we were pleased to see a full house, even if this may have had something to do with the free Pizza!

Daniel Oldaker presented topics including fundamentals of noise, how to understand different parameters, planning policy, the assessment of environmental noise and methods of noise control and whilst this section was aimed mainly towards the planning officers in the room intelligent and interesting questions came from all the different professions.

The second half of the presentation focussed on building acoustics with an emphasis on sound insulation related to Part E of the building regulations.

Post presentation discussions included the limitations of building regulations and where planning can enhance the noise conditions of new sensitive development; the specific noise issues related to permitted development and some specific projects people have been working on and the issues that they face.

We find that where decision makers, who are not noise specialists, have an understanding of the basics of noise and acoustics, and have an understanding of how and why we undertake our assessments can have a beneficial effect on the process and outcomes of projects.

At Acoustic Consultants Limited we have applied our knowledge and expertise on noise and acoustics across the country on thousands of successful projects from school acoustics to residential sound insulation and environmental noise assessments. It was a pleasure to share some of this knowledge with Southwark Council.

If you have a project requiring noise, acoustic or sound insulation or you would like us to provide a presentation to your organisation please do not hesitate to get in touch.