Noise and Acoustics CPD

We are currently offering CPD’s to current and future clients in noise and acoustics at their offices or our base in Bristol.

The aim of the presentations is to give a general overview of how noise and acoustics falls within planning guidance and also the design process. We believe having this understanding allows planning consultants, architects, designers and contractors to make an informed decision as to when to engage an acoustic consultant and consider noise and acoustic issues within the project programme.

We see the benefit of this being that noise and acoustics can be incorporated into the project at an early stage which can have significant cost and time benefits.

The CPD’s cover all areas of noise and acoustics and can be adapted to suit an organisations area of work and address specific issues they may have come up against in previous work. We have had excellent feedback so far and we have been advised our CPD’s are informative and useful to organisations working in the fields of planning, architecture, construction, education, healthcare and social housing.

Our CPD’s cover the fundamentals of acoustics, noise and planning (such as BS8233 and BS4142 assessments), internal sound insulation and the importance of good detailing, acoustics for schools (BB93) healthcare (HTM 08-01) and other sensitive buildings (BS8233).

Harnessing our 30 years of experience we have assisted clients in understanding the process of noise impact assessments, such as the complexities of British Standard 4142. The presentations have worked examples which aim to clarify the assessment process and typical mitigation measures.

Our company ethos has always been to provide accurate and detailed assessments with solutions in a clear and accessible manner to clients, it is this ethos that we aim to bring through in our presentations.

The presentations vary in length but are typically 30-45 minutes with a short question and answer session after. If you would like to book in a noise and acoustic CPD please give the office a call on 0117 9862956 or email