Construction Noise, Vibration and Dust (NVD)

Construction Noise, Vibration and Dust (NVD) can be a significant issue for active construction sites, and is an important consideration for any contractor or developer planning a construction project.

At Acoustic Consultants Limited we have considerable experience in BS5228 assessments, Section 61 applications and long term NVD monitoring.

We are able to provide reliable advice and monitoring on how to navigate the tricky business of controlling these emissions and complying with any limits imposed by the Local Authority.

When appointed early on in a scheme we will assist the contractor in a BS 5228:2009 noise and vibration assessment, Section 61 agreement and noise, vibration and dust (NVD) mitigation plan. The process starts with our assessment of your proposed schedule of works, including details of any construction noise and vibration plant and operations.

We will liaise directly with the Local Authority, Party Wall surveyors or other interested parties to establish their requirements, and to understand the local context. Our advice is provided in a clear and concise format which can be readily interpreted by potential contractors, Local authorities and all stakeholders.

In turn, this makes the Section 61 application process run more smoothly.

Acoustic Consultants Limited have considerable experience in monitoring Noise, Vibration and Dust (NVD). We offer a competitive and pro active approach to NVD monitoring. We have the capability to set up our own noise, vibration and dust meters on your construction project. The meters are checked daily by qualified acoustic consultants to ensure your NVD Section 61 limits are not exceeded.

The meters provide a web portal, email alerts and text alerts which enable us and the contractor to react quickly to any limits being exceeded. This ensures any alerts are minimal which will satisfy all stakeholders, including the local authority and residents in the area.

As part of our NVD service we appoint a minimum of three full time suitably qualified acoustic consultants to monitor the equipment and your project. By allowing for three consultants we are able to check the meters functionality and NVD levels daily and any issues are proactively addressed. We also issue regular (normally weekly) reports in an easy to read format with the monitoring results and commentary on any alerts.

Our monitoring system is an individual unit system which ensures we can monitor noise only, vibration only, dust only or a combination of all three. The equipment is company owned and regularly calibrated and serviced by the manufacturers.

We are currently working on numerous large and sensitive construction schemes using this technology across London and the south east. Our pro active approach and sensitive handling of these schemes has assisted us in building up a repeat client base with main contractors, project managers and demolition contractors.

If you would like further information on the Noise, Vibration, Dust services we offer, and a competitive quotation please contact us at to discuss how we can help with your project.