Noise, Vibration and Dust Monitoring for SEN School

Acoustic Consultants Limited are pleased to be working with one of our long terms clients on this new build SEN school in London on the DfE Framework. We are appointed to provide detailed design advice for BB93 and BREEAM. We were also appointed to provide Section 61 (S61) advice and Noise Vibration and Dust monitoring for the scheme.

The scheme is within a constrained residential area and our client was required to submit a Section 61 agreement to the council prior to commencement of works. We assisted the contractor in this work with a Noise and Vibration assessment following the guidance of British Standard 5228 Parts 1 and 2 (BS 5228:2009-1, BS 5228:2009-2, British Standard 7385 (BS 7385), British Standard 6472 (BS 6472).

The timescales for this work were tight and to speed the process up we actively engaged with the council to ensure their requirements were met, agreed changes of standard conditions where appropriate and agreed BPM where necessary. We also agreed monitoring locations in advance reducing the original number of positions from four NVD (Noise, Vibration and Dust)on all boundaries of the site, to 1 NVD well placed and suited location. This resulted in a considerable saving on monitoring costs to our client along with ensuring all residences were well protected from NVD with a well managed and agreed monitoring strategy.

After a fast S61 process, James Curtis of Acoustic Consultants Ltd installed our equipment in early January 2021 to ensure full compliance with the agreement. A tidy and well placed install using the D10 data logger combination system from Sigicom. One of James best installs to date!