Stephen Robert Peliza - 1951-2024

Stephen Peliza

We are sad to announce the death of our friend and company founder Stephen Peliza in February this year following a short battle with pancreatic cancer.

Stephen was born and raised in Gibraltar prior to moving to Bath to attend school and later study Environmental Building Design at the University of Bath. Following that, in his own words:

“I worked in  a forward looking firm of consulting engineers where they viewed their first graduate with great  suspicion. I operated a one man “Special Projects” section addressing noise, acoustics and other non standard issues then such as energy saving, wind and solar generation.  However noise and acoustics were the most frequently called subjects.   It was a time when many air conditioning systems were just being developed and commissioned. In most, the noise levels were found to horrendous!  Unfortunately designers had not considered this new dimension, noise.”

Stephen started Acoustic Consultants in 1987 to provide acoustic consultancy to the construction and engineering sectors at a time when there were very few acknowledged acoustic consultants locally and  there were many mayor  architectural practices in Bristol.

Stephen grew the business and worked on projects throughout the UK spanning from blasting noise in quarries to the acoustic qualities of auditoria and everything in between.

As a highly accomplished and recognised acoustic engineer, Stephen was able to assess difficult noise and acoustic issues in technical detail but could also explain these in clear and simple terms to wider professions. He created an environment to allow people to learn and try new things whilst being supported, which helped people to become consultants with knowledge and expertise across the full range of noise and acoustic disciplines. The things the company does best are still those we learnt from Stephen.

Following his sale of the company to Daniel and Blake in 2013 Stephen enjoyed his retirement, this included travelling, cycling and spending time with his grand children. However, Stephen didn’t fully retire and still worked on projects until recently (often when the weather wasn’t nice enough for the aforementioned travelling and cycling). It was always a pleasure when he came to the office for a chat and for new members of staff to learn from his knowledge and experience.

We will be forever grateful for Stephen’s generosity, patience and teaching and will miss him dearly.