Abbey Meads Stadium Redevelopment, Swindon

The site is located at Abbey Meads in Swindon and is part of a larger housing development.

Abbey Meads Stadium Redevelopment, Swindon

The stadium, set to cost in the region of £5 million, would transform the sports and entertainment offering of North Swindon.

In previous applications for a new stadium, the local authority had only required consideration of noise from Speedway races and not from other aspects such as amplified sounds, events, crowd noise from the greyhound racing or other activities on the stadium site.

The new proposal for the stadium slightly realigned the stadium but relatively speaking it remained in its current location which was much closer to the existing dwellings that the original proposals. As such, the Speedway noise would have an adverse impact on existing residents who had purchased their property on the understanding that the Speedway Stadium would be in a different location and that a noise limit, which was agreed by SDC, would not be exceeded. This may have then led to complaints from residents and potential noise nuisance or planning enforcement action on the Stadium.

Barratt Bristol appointed Acoustic Consultants Ltd to review the noise report submitted by the applicant and provide advice as to the possible impact on the existing dwellings to protect their customers, the residents.

The construction of the new stadium was completed in September 2017.

Abbey Meads Stadium Redevelopment, Swindon

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