Lidl - White Rock, Paignton

Noise & Acoustic Assessment

Noise and acoustic assessment at shop

Lidl UK appointed Acoustic Consultants Limited to provide a noise and acoustic report for the proposed Lidl Food Store at White Rock Way, Paignton.

The proposal was for a Lidl food store located on a former brownfield site to White Rock Way, Paignton. Lidl are proposing to develop the site for a new concept store. The application site sits within a wider site which has been granted consent for a mixed use development of A1/A3 employment, C3 residential and student accommodation uses (application reference: P/2011/0197/MOA).

The store is to be located to the north of White Rock Way with the delivery bay to the west of the store and plant above the delivery bay. The plant will operate 24 hours a day according to demand. It is proposed to have deliveries 24 hours.

The most sensitive receivers to plant and delivery noise from the store are the recently constructed dwellings to the south of White Rock Way. All other residential dwellings are at a further distance away from the plant or shielded by the store.

Our report provided noise and acoustic advice which aims to achieve the requirements of the BREEAM 2014 credits Hea 05 and Pol 05.

Lidl - White Rock, Paignton

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