Sharpak, Bridgwater

Noise at Work Assessment

Noise at Work Assessment - Sharpak

Sharpak is a food plastic fabrication facility in Bridgwater who appointed us to undertake a Noise at Work Assessment and provide advice to control noise in relation to “The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005”.

​Noise that workers might be exposed to during their day to day duties can have detrimental implications on hearing, health and overall well-being. That is why the Noise at Work Regulations came into effect for all industry sectors in April 2006, and later in 2008 for the music and entertainment sectors.

Based on an employee’s daily or weekly Personal Noise Exposure Level, the Regulations set out thresholds of noise in which employers are required to take certain actions to reduce noise exposure levels – the ‘Exposure Action Levels’ which are separated in to a lower and upper threshold. It also states limits of which employees are not to be exposed to over their working day or week – the ‘Exposure Limit’.

Sharpak followed the appropriate processes to ensure that their facility operates safely and within workplace regulations. Studies have shown that noise at work not only has the potential to effect hearing quality and create tinnitus, but also effects motivation and productivity whilst potentially leading to stress, sleep loss and other health implications.

Noise at Work Assessment - Sharpak

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