Valley Fest 2022

Event Noise Monitoring

From the 4th to the 8th of August our team of consultants undertook event noise management for the constantly growing Valley Fest located in the heart of Chew Valley. Valley Fest 2022 has grown since last year and now includes 4 stages, two of which were operational until 02:30 on event days.


With the number of festivals post lockdown now on the increase, it is important more now than ever that noise from events is successfully managed to allow for both an increase in the number of events that use common event sites, and the repeat events appearing in the same sites year on year. This is where our event noise monitoring team excel.

The aim of the noise management team at Valley Fest was to implement a noise management plan to control the levels of music noise being produced by the festival throughout the event to a level that would successfully allow the event to run, while minimizing any adverse impacts on local residents.

During Valley Fest our team of consultants, who rotated on shifts across the four days of the event, implemented the use of remotely accessible offsite monitors. Each noise monitor was installed at a potentially sensitive offsite location with prior agreed access and contained a class 1 NTi Audio sound level meter, an NTi Netbox netbox containing a data sim card for remote access of data and rechargeable batteries capable of powering the whole ensemble for up to 6 days. The huge benefit to this method of noise monitoring is that any one of our consultants could access, 1 second, 10-minute and 15-minute data for all three of the offsite noise monitoring locations simultaneously. Access this to this data is what allows for quick and concise decisions when required.

Our consultants worked closely with the sound engineers of all the stages. This ranged from providing guidance of appropriate front of house levels during both the day and night, as well as adjusting the low frequency content, and where needed an adjustment to the balance of the Audio system.

Throughout the event there were only a handful of complaints from local residences relating to noise. Given the event has a capacity of close to four thousand attendees per day, is located in a very quiet and tranquil area and is operational until 02:30 on some event days, such a small number of complaints is deemed to be a very successfully managed event.

With the long-awaited update of the Code of Practice on Environmental Noise Control for Outdoor Events expected to come in the near future, and the successful management of Valley Fest 2022, Acoustic Consultants Ltd are confident that the noise management of future Valley Fests and other similar events will be equally, if not more successful.

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