CPD delivered on the implications of noise and overheating.

It was a pleasure to meet with Asbri Planning this week to provide them a CPD on the implications of noise and overheating.

Approved Document O



With the English Government requiring overheating and noise to be considered under Building Regulations Approved Document O from June of this year, and the Welsh Government adopting Approved Document O from November of this year, considering noise and overheating early in the planning and design process is even more important.

Working with Greenbuild Consult we provided our first in-person CPD on the topic since Covid19. The CPD covered the noise and overheating implications for planning applications going forward and stressed the importance of engagement with an acoustician and overheating assessor early in the planning process to ensure the design is robust, without the need to vary planning applications later on in the design.

Approved Document O will have a significant impact on schemes going forward, and how this is implemented both at planning and design stage requires careful thought.

Previously to Approved Document O, the impact of overheating control and noise ingress needed only to be considered as part of a planning or client requirement. These requests were ad hoc, and many local authorities and clients still do not require a joined-up approach.

The criteria for noise limits under overheating conditions has previously been based on the Acoustic, Ventilation and Overheating (AVO) guidance by the IOA and ANC. However, although informative, this document did not provide clear cut noise limits, requiring consultants and reviewers to provide their professional judgement. Approved Document O has closed that gap and now provides clear night-time internal noise limits which should be met for sites exposed to high levels of noise; this is now under the control of building regulations. How these limits will be achieved will require careful and well-designed mitigation and our CPD provides advice on the measures to achieve this.

If you would like to know more, please contact us to arrange a CPD.