What do acoustic consultants do?

An important but often overlooked factor of design and construction is the noise and vibration impact on the environment around a building. This is where the skills of an acoustic consultant come in. Simply put, an acoustic consultant is a sound engineer who is a specialist in solving noise and vibration problems, and we are an important part of the project team that designs and delivers new builds, roads and other infrastructure.

Too much noise is a growing problem around the world, and there is a careful balance to be struck to ensure that new constructions meet legal requirements and fall within required safety levels. Reducing and eliminating noise is an important consideration during the project design stage, and it can also be helpful retrospectively, too.

Acoustic testing forms the basis of an acoustic consultant’s advice, quantifying certain aspects of noise to find the best possible solution. Often in existing spaces, noise can transfer from one area to another, and this can cause disruption and inconvenience. At best this can lead to frustration by the building’s users, and at worst it can lead to infringements of legal requirements. An acoustic consultant’s job is to find a solution to this to reduce the impact of the noise without compromising the building.

An acoustic consultant works with key project stakeholders to identify and solve problems relating to sound disturbance and pollution. This is carried out through noise surveys, site testing and monitoring to ensure that any safety concerns to the general public, and also to wildlife, are addressed.

Noise and vibrations can come from the unlikeliest of sources, but working with a qualified acoustic consultant will help you ensure that the impact of your construction is minimalised and also that it adheres to relevant legalities. Following in-depth testing and measuring, an acoustic consultant will be able to advise on the best soundproofing measures to reduce noise impact. A noise impact assessment is usually required as part of any new planning process.

At Acoustic Consultants Ltd, we help clients across a wide range of sectors such as education, healthcare, industry, commercial and residential buildings, residential homes, and retail and sport. Our clients range from small independent builders through to national construction firms, designers and architects, supermarkets, local authorities, technology companies and a whole lot more. They trust us to help and advise them on all areas of sound and vibration reduction and elimination to ensure that all constructions are compliant with regulations and cause the minimum impact on the immediate environment around them.

We have provided noise mitigation advice and a wide range of other services since our inception in 1987, and our qualified acoustic consultants are highly trained and skilled to deliver a service that is second-to-none. We’ve been involved in over 8000 projects, and clients trust us to provide a service that is as fully comprehensive as it is cost-effective.

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