Acoustic testing

As well as site visits, acoustic testing is a vital component of the work we do, and forms the basis of all our advice.

Acoustic testing can be undertaken for a wide variety of projects, including auditoriums, schools, healthcare facilities, offices, sports facilities and mixed-use community buildings.

Quite often the owners or users of a space experience difficulties with noise. These might be caused by sound originating within the space, from an adjacent room or premises, or noise ingress from outside. It is often difficult to identify an appropriate solution, and this is where our expert advice comes in.

As well as site visits, acoustic testing is a vital component of the work we do and forms the basis of all our advice. It is important to be able to quantify certain aspects of noise, in order to be able to provide an effective solution.

We have considerable experience in undertaking acoustic testing. This could include sound insulation testing,

reverberation time measurements, internal acoustic measurements, external noise monitoring and façade attenuation measurements, building services measurements and plant noise measurements.

All our consultants have a strong background in conducting such tests and are supported by the senior staff who have worked for up to 40 years in the field of acoustics. Furthermore, we use a range of modern equipment from various manufacturers to ensure accurate results and compliance with all relevant standards.

We will issue the results and any subsequent advice in a clear report format which can be understood by both acousticians and those operating outside the industry.

We are an ANC-accredited company and, as such, we are classified as ‘suitably qualified acousticians’ (SQA), for the purposes of undertaking acoustic testing for Approved Document ‘E’, BREEAM, BB93, Code for Sustainable Homes, Home Quality Mark and HTM 08-01.

If you have a project or an existing space that would benefit from acoustic testing, then why not get in touch today to see how we can meet your needs?

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