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Within acoustics there are two elements of a BREEAM assessments, these are Hea 5 and Pol 5, which can apply to almost any building type.

The aim of BREEAM assessments to Hea 5 is to ensure the building meets the appropriate acoustic performance standards following the acoustic principles of Sound Insulation, Indoor ambient noise level and reverberation times.

The aim of BREEAM assessments to Pol 5 to reduce the likelihood of noise arising from fixed installations on the new development, such as air handling plant, affecting nearby noise-sensitive buildings.

A typical project will involve appointing an acoustic consultant at the early feasibility stages. At this stage we would provide outline advice for the scheme highlighting areas of risk and concern, we would also provide a detailed acoustic performance specification. Once the scheme progresses we would undertake an in depth noise survey of the site and surrounding area using modern equipment and Class 1 sound level meters. From the survey results and with additional information provided by the design team we would demonstrate and provide upgrade advice though 3D noise and acoustic modelling and our 30 years of experience that the proposals will achieve the BREEAM requirements. The advice will then be followed up with post construction testing once the development is complete.  We are always on hand to assist with any queries throughout the concept design, developed design, technical design and construction states 

We have undertaken hundreds of successful BREEAM projects. the type of project varies but has included schools, community buildings, hospitals, food stores, retail stores and mixed use residential schemes. All our Senior Consultants and Directors meet the BREEAM definition of a suitably qualified acoustic consultant, and we are full members of the Association of Noise Consultant’s. For recent BREEAM projects please see our Case Studies and News pages.

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