Building Services Noise

We can provide cost-effective advice in the location, structure and noise limits for a development.

Our most senior staff have more than 40 years’ experience with building services noise, which makes us well-placed to provide cost-effective and pragmatic advice in this area.

We also enjoy a close working relationship with some of the leading mechanical and engineering consultants throughout the UK.

With more and more buildings being ventilated, cooled and heated via mechanical means, building services noise is becoming an increasing issue. Air handling units, condensers and heating systems all have the potential to affect people adversely by way of noise and vibration.

By appointing us early in the design process we can provide cost-effective advice in the location, structure and noise limits for a development. Further into the design, we can provide building services noise calculations to aid the designer in selecting suitable plant, attenuators, enclosures and structures.

We use software supplied by leading attenuator suppliers, 3D modelling techniques and our own software and processes that we have developed in-house over 30 years, for our noise predictions and advice. We know what is realistically required and, being independent, we never push a particular product.

We would provide our advice in an easy-to-follow report format which can be submitted to the building services suppliers, manufacturers and designers to aid the dosing and ensure compliance with the design criteria. We also provide competitive and reliable construction and completion stage testing to ensure our advice is fol lowed successfully.

We can assist with any project, large or small, throughout the UK and internationally. For information on our recently completed projects with testimonials from our clients please see our Case Studies, News and social media pages or alternatively please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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