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An environmental noise assessment is necessary where a development is potentially adversely affected by way of noise. The potential noise sources could consist of road traffic, railways, aircraft, industrial noise, or community and entertainment use.

An environmental noise assessment is normally required as part of the planning process where a new noise sensitive development is to be located in close proximity to the above noise sources.

An environmental noise assessment involves measuring the baseline existing noise climate, determining the likely sources of noise affecting the development, predicting the overall impact of that noise sources on the sensitive receivers and where the impact is likely to have an adverse affect provide mitigation advice.

The aim of the advice would be to achieve satisfactory conditions internally and externally to the sensitive receivers. We would advise on building layout and orientation, barrier and embankments locations, building fabric constructions (such as the glazing specification) and suitable ventilation provisions to achieve the relevant criteria internally and externally.

The advice would follow the relevant planning guidance within England and Wales. These include the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), National Policy Statement England (NPSE), National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG), Planning Policy Wales, Technical Advice Note 11 (TAN11), British Standard 4142:2014 (BS4142:2014), British Standard 4142:1997 (BS4142:1997), British Standard 8233:2014 (BS8233:2014), British Standard 8233:1999 (BS8233:1999) and World Health Organisation Guidelines for Community Noise (WHO 1999). Where necessary we would also address the requirements of the former Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24) which is still in use by some local authorities.

Where necessary we liaise with the local authorities Environmental Protection department beforehand to ensure their requirements and expectations are met.

At Acoustic Consultants Limited we have a considerable experience in providing environmental noise advice. We use Class 1 sound level meters for all our assessments and proven in house techniques and 3D noise modelling software to aid in our advice.

We always issue our advice in a clear report format which can be understood by both acoustic consultants and those operating outside the industry. We provide our calculations within the reports either in the body or the appendix to ensure we are open and clear to how we came about our findings.

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