Event Noise Monitoring

What is the process of event noise monitoring?

Event noise monitoring consists of assessing and analysing the levels of noise that come from music being played at an event, through use of noise monitoring equipment both within the event at noise sensitive locations around the site. A key part of the process is liaising with local residents. This is needed both before and during the event in order to mitigate complaints and understand their experience of the noise. Additionally, sound system assessment and control are an important inclusion, so we’re able to make sure noise is managed to acceptable levels.

Event noise monitoring tends to be provided in conjunction with a noise management plan. Typically, it is required by councils or local authorities at events where noise is likely to reach high levels, helping to reduce the chance of any adverse impact on local residents.

What type of event requires noise monitoring?

Noise monitoring can be required for any type of event that features amplified music or entertainment. This could simply cover the monitoring requirements of providing evidence that the noise is being monitored at a single residence. Alternatively, this could be ensuring that the event adheres to a series of stringent daytime and night-time limits focusing on specific frequency ranges across a number of locations.

In all of these cases, monitoring is often called for as an addition to the noise management plan in order to satisfy the local authority that any proposals and events will not have a negative effect on others and will not cause complaints.

By appointing us early in the planning stage for your event, we can aid in a number of pre-event and noise monitoring areas. We can work directly with the sound system supplier to advise on the design and orientation of sound systems to maximise coverage of sound across the event site, while minimising noise levels offsite. In turn, providing the best experience for both the attendees of the event and the local residents.

Our expert team proudly provides a comprehensive noise management plan, detailing predicted sound levels, and monitoring locations to engineer a solution that pleases everyone. We use methods of noise control and mitigation that follow the most up to date event noise monitoring guidance and research (in which we are actively involved) to satisfy the requirements of local authorities.

For noise monitoring during the event, we are fully equipped to undertake event noise monitoring throughout England and Wales, using a series of Class 1 sound level meters. These meters have remote monitoring access which allows for quick and concise adjustments to noise levels where required. We can also provide a team of experienced consultants to undertake noise monitoring during the event. Following the event, we will report on all measurements, potential complaints, and noise adjustment actions in a post-event report for submission to the local authority, if required.

We’re pleased to say that we have extensive experience in undertaking noise monitoring for a variety of events that includes multiday festivals, single stage events, and overnight events. Some of these attracting tens of thousands of attendees.

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