Internal Acoustics

We have a proven track record in providing acoustic advice for Internal Acoustics.

It is well known that a good internal acoustics design is critical for spaces such as auditoriums and TV studios.

What is less widely recognised is the importance of acoustics within schools, offices, hospitals and even restaurants, where speech intelligibility is critical in ensuring the spaces are fit for purpose.

The internal acoustics of a space are often overlooked in the design stages, but in terms of the end user’s experience, they can be just as important as the aesthetic or ergonomic factors, and this is backed up by an increasing body of evidence.

For example

  • In a busy open-plan office environment; the wrong internal acoustics can lead to increased stress and lower levels of productivity.
  • In a classroom, pupils will learn better.
  • In a healthcare setting, patients will receive better care when the internal acoustics are appropriately addressed.
  • In an auditorium, the audience’s perception of a performance is heavily influenced by the internal acoustics of the space.

We have a proven track record in providing acoustic advice for all these establishments. We use in-house techniques, 3D modelling software and Virtual Reality hardware on which to base our guidance.

As part of the Immersive Acoustics experience, we have the capacity to demonstrate to clients the effect of different acoustic treatments to a scheme via the use of CATT acoustic and the Oculus Rift VR headset. The VR software has been developed in house and has proven a successful and clear way of meeting our client’s needs.

We have provided internal acoustic advice for auditoriums such as the Bristol Old Vic, multi-use spaces such as the Contemporary Urban Centre in Liverpool, worship spaces such as the Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Doha, Qatar, and award-winning school projects such as St Luke’s C of E Primary School in Wolverhampton by Architype, which won the 2010 RIBA Sorrell Foundation Schools Award.

St Luke’s is also Britain’s first BREEAM ‘environmentally excellent’ primary school.

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