Internal Sound Insulation Advice

Internal sound insulation is an important consideration for various development types.

A good degree of internal sound insulation means that disruption to the occupants of a space is minimised, while privacy between rooms or dwellings is increased.

Internal sound insulation is an important consideration for various development types, ranging from a residential development that needs to comply with Part E of Building Regulations, to control rooms within factories.

In the case of residential properties, whether new-build or conversion, these are required to comply with Approved Document E of the Building Regulations 2003, entitled ‘Resistance to the passage of sound’. This is now a key consideration for house builders, as good internal acoustic conditions form an important aspect of the end user’s experience.

Where a factory is concerned, for example, internal sound insulation can reduce the impact of noisy machinery on workers, assisting the proprietor to comply with the Noise at Work regulations 2005.

Our advice would include a report advising on the measures required for your project to meet the supplied criteria. This could include (but would not be limited to) separating wall and floor constructions, junction details and service penetrations.

We would be guided by your drawings and can advise on setting out layouts, preliminary stages, detailing stage and finally, after completion, we can also provide sound insulation testing (as an ANC-accredited company).

We always provide our advice in an easy-to-follow report format, which can be submitted as part of the tender process to the potential contractors to ensure compliance is achieved after installation.

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