Noise at Work Assessments

If your workplace has high levels of noise, your employee’s hearing may be at risk.

Noise at Work

Noise exposure in the workplace can have a significant effect on employee’s health and well-being if not considered where necessary.

From industrial manufacturing, engineering processes, music and entertainment, to weapons and firearms training facilities, we can provide a Noise at Work Risk Assessment to ensure employers and dutyholders protect their staff’s hearing and health at work.

The requirements of the Noise at Work Assessment are set out in The Control of Noise at Work Regulations, 2005 (L108). There are three levels of exposure that require a dutyholder to undertake a level of action dependent on which threshold the assessment finds. These are based on the daily or weekly noise exposure and the peak sound pressure levels a person is exposed to during their working day. These range from the Lower Exposure Action Value to the highest threshold of Exposure Limit Values.

We have considerable experience in undertaking onsite noise measurements, detailed analysis in comparison with HSE guidelines, and discussing our client’s potential measures at reducing noise exposure in the workplace. This can range from hearing protection to building layouts and machine screening.

Our process starts with an overview of your facility and operations. We will liaise with site management to discuss how the site operates and how many areas are considered to pose a noise exposure risk. We will then visit your site to undertake noise measurements representative of employee’s working areas. We have a number of staff who specialise in this area of acoustics, along with our range of Class 1 sound level meters, we can assure you that all areas of potential risk will be covered during our visit.

We will process the data gathered to undertake detailed analysis of the LAeq, LCeq, and LCpeak levels that staff are exposed to. The HSE provides online calculators to gain a basic understanding of noise levels in the workplace, however, we can provide a thorough assessment of the noise levels and explain what they mean for you and your workplace.

We will present our data and analysis in a report alongside a concise explanation of HSE criteria and guidance, without filling it with technical jargon. Your report will outline the measured noise levels and provide clear results detailing the daily exposure and peak noise levels your staff are exposed to.

This leads to being able to provide you with assessments of existing hearing protection, or details on what new or upgraded hearing protection might be necessary. Alongside this we can create a bespoke set of measures to fit with your facility or operations to ensure that noise exposure in your workplace is thoroughly considered.

We have experience in this area working in food manufacturing and packing facilities, industrial and engineering units, along with areas of high-pressure noise in Police Tactical Firearms Training Facilities.

If you are an employer or dutyholder of a workplace you think might require a Noise at Work Assessment, then why not get in touch to see how we can help and ensure your staff’s hearing and health is protected.

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