Noise Impact Assessments

A noise impact assessment is normally required as part of the planning process.

Where a development has the potential to impact on the nearby residents by way of noise, a noise impact assessment is normally required as part of the planning process.

A noise impact assessment typically involves measuring the baseline existing noise climate, determining the likely sources of noise from the development, predicting the overall impact of such noise sources on the sensitive receivers in the area (usually a residential premises) and providing mitigation advice where appropriate.

Noise impact assessments are normally undertaken for the following types of schemes:

  • Industrial and commercial developments which have internal or external fixed and moveable plant.
  • Delivery noise from industrial, retail and commercial developments.
  • Plant noise from industrial, retail and commercial developments.
  • Sports uses including sports halls, MUGA, outdoor pitches and all-weather pitches.
  • Large scale mixed-use developments as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Small and large-scale restaurants and takeaways (A3 uses) which have kitchen extract or cooling plant.
  • Entertainment and Patron noise from night-clubs, restaurants, and takeaways (A3 uses).

Our advice will follow the relevant planning guidance within England and Wales. These include the following:

  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
  • National Policy Statement England (NPSE)
  • National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG)
  • Planning Policy Wales
  • Technical Advice Note 11 (TAN11)
  • British Standard 4142:2014 (BS4142:2014)
  • British Standard 4142:1997 (BS4142:1997)
  • British Standard 8233:2014 (BS8233:2014)
  • British Standard 8233:1999 (BS8233:1999)
  • World Health Organisation Guidelines for Community Noise (WHO 1999)
  • Where necessary, we can also address the requirements of the former Planning Policy Guidance 24 (PPG24) which is still in use by some local authorities.

We follow a pragmatic and sensible approach and are fully equipped to undertake any noise impact assessment throughout the UK and internationally. We will liaise with the local authorities and have excellent working relationships with the environmental protection departments of many local authorities across the UK.

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