Noise Mitigation Advice

We can provide noise mitigation advice for numerous scheme.

Noise that is loud, unpleasant or that causes a disturbance in any way can, undoubtedly, be a significant issue for those affected.

In some instances, such as road traffic noise sources, it is not possible to reduce the noise at source and therefore noise mitigation advice is required on the client’s premises to reduce the unwanted noise.

We can provide noise mitigation advice for numerous schemes – these could be anything from large-scale residential schemes next to a motorway to single dwellings adjacent to a small substation.

The aim of the advice would be to achieve good conditions both internally and externally to the sensitive receivers. Good conditions might consider the guidance of BS 8233:2014, BS 4142:2014 and the World Health Organization ‘Guidelines for Community Noise’ (WHO 1999). We would advise on building layout and orientation, barrier and embankments locations, building fabric constructions (such as the glazing specification) and suitable ventilation provisions to achieve the relevant criteria internally and externally.

Alternatively, noise mitigation advice is often required to discharge a planning condition. Where a proposed scheme is likely to affect other parties, such as nearby dwellings, mitigation measures are sometimes necessary to demonstrate that the proposals are acceptable. We have provided successful advice on hundreds of projects where this is the case.

We have an excellent track record in providing noise mitigation advice. We use proven in-house techniques and 3D noise modelling software to help form our opinion, and we issue our advice in a clear report format that can be understood by both acoustic consultants and those operating outside the industry.

If you have a scheme or a project where noise is likely to be an issue, or if noise is generally a problem where you are, why not contact us today to see if we can help? Our skilled and friendly staff are always available to discuss any situation, whether it is large or small.

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