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Noise Modelling

At Acoustic Consultants Limited we are experienced in undertaking noise modelling for a variety of noise sources. Modelling is an extremely powerful tool and can be used to emulate any number of different scenarios, as well as aiding in the visualisation of how sound will affect people.

For our environmental noise modelling we use in-house techniques and for the more complex schemes (or when requested by a client) we use 3D modelling within CadnaA by DataKustik.

CadnaA (Computer Aided Noise Abatement) is the world’s leading software for calculation, presentation, assessment and prediction of environmental noise. Whether your objective is to study the noise emission of an industrial plant, a new road or railway scheme or even entire towns and urbanised areas, CadnaA is designed to handle all these tasks. Our staff members are experienced with the use of CadnaA and are also fully qualified to use the noise modelling software, having attended CPD days with the UK supplier of CadnaA.

We believe it is not enough simply to rely on noise modelling software. For all projects we will undertake a noise survey and construct a verification model to ensure the noise modelling replicates real-world conditions. In addition, all staff are fully conversant with CadnaA, its methods of prediction — ISO 9613 ‘Attenuation of sound during propagation outdoors’, Calculation of Road Traffic Noise (CRTN), Calculation of Railway Noise (CRN) — and its configuration.

For each project, we issue a clear noise map of the site, indicating the noise sources, the change in noise levels across the surrounding area and the overall level at the receiver positions. We can also provide 3D images and 3D videos where necessary. Noise maps can also be exported to Google Earth to facilitate sharing with other interested parties.

Why not get in contact with us today to discuss your noise modelling requirements? We will be only too happy to help.

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