Noise monitoring

All our sound level meters are Class 1-compliant.

Noise monitoring is the process of determining the sound pressure level of a noise source.

The noise source could consist of a single event such as an aircraft overhead, or the ambient noise in a defined area over a set time period.

In order for the results to be reliable, precision instruments such as Class 1 sound level meters should be used when conducting any noise monitoring exercise. All our sound level meters are Class 1-compliant, and their accuracy is independently verified periodically. Furthermore, our consultants are all fully competent in their use, so you can be confident that our measurements are reliable.

The sound pressure level is normally expressed in decibels (dB), a logarithmic scale devised to represent the way the human ear perceives loudness. The measured level is quoted relative to a reference pressure of 0.00002 Pa – i.e. 20 μPa (micropascals) – which is defined as the threshold of hearing. It is also important to consider the character of any noise sources, including factors such as frequency content, intermittency and impulsivity. These factors play a key role in BS 4142:2014 assessments, for example.

Noise monitoring is necessary for a vast range of schemes, from large-scale residential developments to aid in a planning submission, to Noise at Work assessments to comply with the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements.

We have considerable experience in undertaking noise monitoring for an extensive variety of projects, from new-build schools to the assessment of goods deliveries. We only use precision Class 1 sound level meters for all our assessments. The results and advice is issued in a clear report format, detailing the process we have followed and the equipment used in determining the noise monitoring results. The report will include a noise assessment to the relevant guidance such as BS 8233:2014, BS 4142:2014, WHO 1999.

If you are working on a scheme where noise could have an impact, please get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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