Plant Noise Assessment

A plant noise assessment is normally provided in support of a planning application.

A plant noise assessment normally entails addressing the noise impact of fixed or mobile plant installations on the noise-sensitive receivers in the vicinity. The most common method is that of BS 4142:2014.

A plant noise assessment is normally provided in support of a planning application. The planning application could be for any type of scheme, from large industrial facilities with hundreds of items of plant and machinery, to small takeaway premises with a single kitchen extract fan. In all these cases, an assessment to BS 4142:2014 is often called for in order to satisfy the local planning authority that any proposals will not have an adverse effect on others.

By appointing us early on in the design process, we can provide cost-effective advice on the plant location, any enclosures, the structural elements and noise limits for a development that has these items of plant. Further into the design, we can provide plant noise calculations to aid the designer in selecting suitable plant and attenuation measures, and in positioning the plant appropriately in terms of the building structure.

We are fully equipped to undertake any plant noise assessment throughout England and Wales, using Class 1 sound level meters for all projects, and following a rigorous method for each new task. All our consultants are fully versed in the requirements of BS 4142:2014 and are ready and able to undertake noise measurements and provide reliable advice.

We take a pragmatic and sensible approach; we will liaise with the local authorities and, thanks to our background, we have excellent working relationships with the environmental protection departments of many local authorities across the UK.

We have decades of experience in the field of plant noise control and have completed hundreds of successful projects for both blue chip companies and small business owners.

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