Reverberation Control & Testing

Reverberation control is important in achieving good acoustic conditions for the end user.

The aim of reverberation control might be to improve speech intelligibility in an office or classroom environment or to add warmth and character in a music performance venue.

Reverberation control is therefore important in achieving good acoustic conditions for the end user. Where sound takes an excessive amount of time to decay, this can cause a loss of clarity, particularly in speech, where communication is vital.

The reverberation time is defined as the time it takes for the sound pressure level in a space to decay by 60 dB after the sound source has stopped; it is usually measured in octave or third-octave bands.

In a music venue, performers often wish to take advantage of the acoustics of the space rather than relying on electronic means of amplification. At the same time, audience members want to feel a sense of envelopment and warmth. A sense of enjoyment and engagement for both parties can be achieved through carefully considered design.

We have a good level of experience in providing reverberation control advice and we use both in-house techniques and 3D modelling software, as well as years of experience, to help inform our recommendations. We always issue our guidance in a clear report format which can be understood by both acousticians and those operating outside the industry.

We are fully equipped to undertake reverberation time tests and provide cost-effective advice for any existing space or proposed development, from small community buildings to large international auditoriums.

Perhaps you have a space where poor speech intelligibility is an issue? Or maybe you are working on a project that will incorporate a space where reverberation control is key? Why not get in touch with us today? Whatever the size of your project, we can assist you.

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